NOTICE: Due to the on-going pandemic, this guide is presenting in-person events with limited attendance with regulations in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visitor experience. Virtual events are also being offered. Visit here to book available events.

New York is the center of our emerging global culture. If you live or operate in this city your role is vital. If you are visiting, what you can learn while here can enrich you. This guide informs visitors of the people and ideals that have shaped this incredible city. Using public art as an anchor, each event is designed to help you creatively visualize the places visited.

Creative visualization works. Although in its infancy, It is being used successfully in the fields of health, business, the creative arts, sports and more. Creative visualization is a tool we can use to loosen ourselves from the stresses of time and inspire our lives to create what we desire.

The perceptual transformation of our evolving, united humanity is underway!

Events in Central Park:  

Central Park is the centerpiece of Manhattan. As America’s first landscaped park, it is a place meant to “refine and elevate people’s spirits.” – Park designer Calvert Vaux

This series of carefully curated events will bring you through a series of landscapes which will help you creatively visualize how Central Park, more than a place, is a collection of mental images.



The dramatic topography of this guided visit through northern Central Park offers a plethora of hidden highlights connected to the eternal memory of America’s early warriors. Connect to their story as it reflects in the landmarks there, all while enjoying stunning vistas that will connect you to the Park today, the American Revolution, the war of 1812 and more. Your guide will also reveal fascinating insights that will leave you visualizing this part of the Park through new eyes.

• Warriors’ Gate
• The Blockhouse
• The Cascade
• Fort Fish
• McGowan’s Pass
• Fort Clinton
• And more


Cannon at Fort Clinton

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Cannon at Fort Clinton in Central Park

This 90-minute event is being presented in summer 2021 and will be circulated with others. It is being offered in-person and virtually. To make a reservation on the next available event visit here.

Participants meet with the guide ten minutes before tour begins at Warriors’ Gate in Central Park map here. Tour concludes at Fort Clinton inside the Park map here.

$15 per person for in-person. $5 suggested donation for the virtual presentation. All proceeds go to the Central Park Conservancy, the organization whose mission is to preserve and celebrate the Park as a sanctuary from the pace and pressures of city life, enhancing the enjoyment and wellbeing of all.



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