The Heart of Times Square 2021

For Valentine’s Day in 2021 Manhattan’s Times Square is host to another exhibit that explores the many dimensions of love. The work is called Love Letters and will be on view at Duffy Square from Feb. 10 until Mar. 10.

Love Letters invites the public to participate in the installation by leaving their own love letters within the sculpture. Continuing the ancient custom of votive offerings — the ritual of tying a ribbon to a wishing tree, or a love lock to a bridge — visitors are invited to tie a wish, a memento, or an artifact onto the netted underlay, such as letters of protest, a letter to a lost loved one, or a message of appreciation to essential workers. The public can layer on their own meanings to the plywood storefront, each an author of the installation. Over time, Love Letters will become a memorial and a beacon: a symbol of solidarity and hope.

You can be a part of this exhibit by sending your love letter online! Your virtual message will be lovingly transcribed by a public art ambassador and tie it onto the installation in Times Square. Visit here to so.

This is the 13th exhibition celebrating love in Times Square. Travel in time with this guide and creatively visualize the exhibit from back in 2014:

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