Carnage on Wall Street

Prior to 9/11, terrorism was no stranger to NYC.

On this date Sept. 16, back in 1920, a Horse-drawn wagon bomb exploded on Wall Street outside the headquarters of the J.P. Morgan bank. The explosion killed 38 people and injured hundreds more.

The crime was never solved. Authorities believe it was the destructive, senseless work of anarchists, but the bombers are never found. Investigators and historians believe the bombing was carried out by Galleanists (Italian anarchists). Such groups were responsible for a series of bombings the previous year. The attack was related to postwar social unrest, labor struggles, and anti-capitalist agitation in the United States.

Carnage on Wall St. in the aftermath of a bombing. (Photo By: Ed Jackson/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

The scars from this horrendous occurrence can still be seen on the façade of building 23 Wall St.

Holes on the wall on building on Wall St. created after a bomb detonated in 1920. 

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