Iconic Soul Food in Harlem

One of the most fascinating ways different cultures distinguish themselves is through culinary traditions. Nowadays, Americans of African descent enjoy a flavorful cuisine that has been elevated to equal footing with other gourmet traditions. It’s called Soul Food.

Food at Sylvia’s in Harlem

For some of the best Soul Food In Harlem, head to Harlem where you will not be disappointed. Most iconic restaurant for this type of cuisine can be enjoyed at Sylvia’s on Lenox Av. at 126th St.

Sylvia Woods, who opened her famed eatery “Sylvia’s” on August 1st, back in 1962, is considered the queen of Soul Food. The original eatery had just four booths and a counter for ten. It later expanded to several times its original size and is today a Harlem institution.

Sylvia Woods in front of her restaurant.

The restaurant attracts a clientele that ranges from Harlem locals to visiting celebrities. Notable visits include Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Caroline Kennedy, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders:

Barack Obama enjoying Soul Food at Sylvia’s in Harlem.

If you live in NY or come visit, have some soul-nourishing food!

You can also enjoy Soul Food at nearby “Mannas.” See it here on this video tour back in 2015:

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