A Visit From Saint Nicholas

Clement C. Moore
Clement Clarke Moore

Today December 23 back in 1823 a Christmas classic is born when Clement Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas” is first published in a newspaper. Moore wrote the famous holiday poem – also known as “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” – in his home in Chelsea, just north of what is today 22nd Street between Ninth and Tenth avenues in NYC.

Chelsea in Manhattan is a charming neighborhood.

Chelsea House
Chelsea House, in 1779, Chelsea’s most famous resident, Clement Clarke Moore, was born.
Chelsea in Manhattan today. Area where Chelsea House used to be.


“A Visit from St. Nicholas” is a powerful and iconic creative work that since its publication to today is in part responsible for some of the conceptions we have of who Santa Claus is and this season’s gift-giving aspect. Not only in the American psyche but also on a collective global scale.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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