The Circle

Circles in Circle
Wassily Kandinsky (1886 – 1944) is considered the father of abstract art. He is remembered for his great use of color, lines, and geometric shapes. This work centers on the shape of the circle.
There is something about circles that immediately catches our attention. When we observe it in nature we marvel at it. We can understand how this works well in divine forms. We have seen it represented in mandalas, rose windows in churches, the halos of Christian saints, the lotus pad of the Buddha, etc.
Kandinsky said that this shape is “the most modest form, but asserts itself unconditionally.” These qualities are found in the forms of this abstract painting as well as others by other artists. He also said that the colors, lines and shapes we see in his work are meant to resonate with our soul. Did Kandinsky find a new way to represent the divine?



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